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Seamless Efficiency Across All Platforms

Managing a small business is a constant 24/7 commitment. You juggle multiple responsibilities around the clock. Utilizing Clover can enhance your business operations efficiently and swiftly. Access your inventory, reports, and customer information seamlessly from your counter, phone, tablet, or PC—anywhere, anytime. Clover is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient, enabling faster transaction processing across all payment methods: swiped cards, EMV cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


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Clover App Market

Similar to your individuality, your business possesses its own distinctiveness, setting it apart from others. You deserve a payment system that caters specifically to your business’s unique needs. Tailor your Clover experience with over 300 apps available in the Clover App Market. Enhance your operations, boost business growth, incentivize customer loyalty, efficiently manage inventory, and explore a realm of unparalleled customization options offered by Clover.

Apps For Every Business

Inventory Management

Track product quantity, purchase orders, create labels, and more

Loyalty & Rewards

Offer your customers loyalty rewards and keep them coming back for more


Simple and customizable reporting for sales, inventory and other valuable insights

Quickbooks Integration

Sync your Clover with Quickbooks automatically

Time Clock

Track employee hours, build, share and manage shifts

Online Ordering

Receive online orders for customers to pick up in-store


Create mailing lists, advertise locally and automate your marketing

Gift Cards

Customers on average spend 20% more than a gift card’s value

300+ Apps

The Clover App Market has more than 300 apps to help you customize your Clover

Clover Station

The Clover Station is your ultimate solution for both point of sale and payments, combining convenience and innovation in one system. Customers can easily swipe, dip, or tap using this modern, EMV-compliant payment system. Featuring a substantial 14” HD display and powered by a rapid 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Clover Station ensures swift processing of customer payments. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with all other Clover devices and offers compatibility with a wide range of peripherals, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

Clover Mini

Meet the Clover Mini: a comprehensive POS terminal that maximizes functionality without taking up much counter space. Boasting a 7” HD display, it delivers the capabilities of the Clover Station in a compact form. Embrace NFC payments, effortlessly print receipts, and personalize your Clover experience through the App Market. The Clover Mini perfectly fits your countertop and adapts seamlessly on the go, equipped with Ethernet, WIFI, and 3G connectivity.

Clover Flex

Presenting the Clover Flex – a versatile and straightforward payment solution that adapts effortlessly to your business needs, no matter where you are. This compact yet robust device, the Clover Flex, connects via WIFI and 3G, enabling you to accept payments wherever your business ventures. Whether it’s in the aisle, at the table, or at the counter, this fully-equipped POS comes with a built-in receipt printer and a user-friendly touchscreen for electronic signatures. Seamlessly integrating with other Clover devices, the Clover Flex accommodates all payment types: magnetic strip, EMV™, and contactless payments.

Clover Go

The Clover Go is super light at only 1.7 ounces. It lets you take all sorts of payments like cards with magnetic strips, EMV™, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. You can connect it to your iPhone or Android for secure payments. Plus, it works with the Cloud, so you can check reports and data from any device.